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Safbrain for Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular System

Safbrain For Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular System Treatment
As people get older and older, retrograde changes occur in their organisms. After middle age and as a result of the factors of fierce social rivalry, high-fat foods, wild drinking and smoking habits, savage marketing competitions, endless tense work, etc., which cause the human body a series of changes, the incidence of cardiovascular  and cerebrovascular diseases, such as hypertension, hyperlipemia, arteriosclerosis,coronary heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage, and cerebaral thrombosis, will be higher than before and all these diseases happen and develop as a series of pathological changes in the brain and heart system. Therefore, a drug for general use is in need not only for the patients to lower blood fat, but also to soften their blood vessels, improve their blood circulation and regulate their neural functions. Through more than ten years research, the manufacturer has developed this Safbrain, which is particularly effective for the treatment of cardiovascular system diseases and cerebrovascular diseases of old and middle-aged people. Safbrain has the effect of bringing into good order internal organs which have functional disturbances.  It can promote blood circulation and eliminate stasis; it can facilitate breathing and expel phlegm stuck in the body.  In addition, it will prevent these symptoms from recurring in future once they have been eliminated. It has been proved that it can be safely taken regularly as no toxicity and side effects have ever been found in large amounts of clinical applications .
Since the launch of Safbrain, it has been well received by doctors and patients in China and has won favorable comments of specialists for its special formula, high quality and remarkable result. In 1996 it won a golden medal at China National New & Famous Medicines Fair. Through a long period of clinical observations, it has been found to be suitable for long-time taking for the prevention and treatment of mentioned-afore illness. 

Action & Merits:

1. Activating blood and resolving stasis   2. Facilitating breathing and resolving phlegm   3.Lowering cholesterol and triglyceride. Suitable for use in cases of angina pectoris, coronary heart trouble, myocardial infarction, cerebral arteriosclerosis, and cerebral embolism, where there are symptoms connected with blood and phlegm.Used for treatment of atherosclerosis, hyperlipemia, coronary heart diseases, stenocardia and cerebral arteriosclerosis.

Main Ingredients:

 Root of red-rooted salvia, Ligusticum walichii, unpeeled root of herbaceous peony, root of kudzu vine, false saffron,  root-tuber of aromatic turmeric, rhizome of oriental plantain,  Chinese wolfberry, wild jujube, and polygala root ,etc,.

Safbrain can perform the functions of reducing blood sugar, softening blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and promoting microcirculations so as to preclude or decrease the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular diseases and is particularly beneficial in the prevention and treatment of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, angina pectoris, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and senile obesity.  It can prevent the settlement of serum cholesterol on the blood vessel walls and thus has  won the good repute of blood-vessel scavenger. Its health-care effect is to eliminate atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.
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