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Erectile Dysfunctions Remedy Sanlida

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The basic difference between SANLIDA Cordycepin and Ginseng capsules and those aphrodisiacs currently on the market is: SANLIDA capsules are a product not of the blood-suffusion type. That means the SANLIDA product, unlike the aphrodisiacs of the blood-suffusion type, does not accomplish and maintain penile erection, as the effect of the drug for erectile dysfunction, in such a way as to be beyond the control of the man. Moreover, a patient of hypertension or heart disease can also take SANLIDA capsules with perfect assurance of safety.


2.After taking SANLIDA I had physiological reactions which were quite different from those I had experienced after taking some other medicine for erectile dysfunction . What is the reason?

That other medicine must be a popular aphrodisiac currently on the market. It can stimulate blood circulation in the human body, suffusing with blood the spongy tissue of the penis in a short spell of time to effect the erection of penis. This will promote at the same time secretion of the determiners of sexual vigor in excess of the normal amount, accomplishing the aim of strengthening the sexual desire to enable the male to perform his sexual function for a short time. But after the exhilaration there will come the long period of suffering. Such a drug, if used over a long time, will damage the blood circulation in the penis, numbing the nerves in the spongy tissue and throwing, moreover, the secretion of determiners of sexual vigor into disorder. The sexual energy will be overdrawn step by step, resulting in drug dependence

In contrast, SANLIDA adopts the traditional rationale of the Chinese herb medicine and, by virtue of the technology of targeted administration of doses, rhythmically and systematically replenishes the male's source of energy, keeps in harmony the male's psychic force, strengthens in a comprehensive way male sexual power and immunity, improving the system that maintains in equilibrium the male's organism of muscles and keeping the man who is a user of SANLIDA product in a lasting youthful condition so far as his sexual life goes. It does not contain any forbidden ingredient and conforms strictly to the safety standards laid down for renal tonics by the International Society of Nephrology.

3.How are SANLIDA cordycepin and ginseng capsules to be taken to cure erectile dysfunction?
They are to be taken
For health preservation purpose: 1 capsule a day or every two days
For therapeutic purpose: 1-2 capsules a day
Before coitus by 2-3 hours: 1-2 capsules
The dose may be increased a little for cases which are serious and for people who are somewhat advanced in age.
After you have taken SANLIDA, if you do not want to engage in sexual intercourse, you will feel full of energy, and life will go on as usual with you, and you will have no unwonted physiological reactions. However, as soon as you are inclined to do it, you will immediately feel a strong passion arising accompanied by an ample supply of energy in your body. Thus, you have truly reached the exquisite state of having your "sex" stirring in full harmony with your heart.

4.What is the effect of SANLIDA Cordycepin and Ginseng capsules?
Quick effect: By virtue of adopting the micromolecular technology, the most-advanced carbon-dioxide supercritical extraction technology, the slow measured release technology, and targeted administration of medicine, it has eliminated the special attribute of Chinese herb medicine, which consisted in the medicine being hard to absorb and tardy in showing effect. All this has conduced to the ingredients of the medicine being assimilated at high speed by the human body, thus achieving the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction and quick amelioration of the symptoms.

Temperate long-term improvement of sexual health: Cordycepin and other pure Chinese medicinal constituents, taken over a long period of time, can improve health in a non-drastic manner, which is comprehensive and long-enduring in therapeutic effect, radically eliminating erectile dysfunctions.

5.What should consumers pay attention to during the time when they are taking SANLIDA capsules?
During the time when they are taking SANLIDA consumers should abstain from pungent and acrid foods, refrain from tobacco, alcohol, strong tea, etc. and should shun as much as possible radish and mung bean. Drink more pure water.

6.Can SANLIDA be taken with intermissions?
SANLIDA does not entail a state of dependence. Administration of it may be stopped if warranted by the improvement in symptoms. But we suggest that patients take it for a long duration, at the sexual health preservation dosage, so as to enjoy the effect of long-term preservation of sexual health. At the same time, the therapeutic effect may be consolidated and the erectile dysfunction eradicated, with sexual springtime perpetuated.

7.After taking SANLIDA, a few individuals' face, especially the part around the eyes, may seem to be red and swollen. Why?
The SANLIDA product depends on alcohol for extraction; therefore, it contains a small percentage of alcohol. It is possible that a person may seem red in the face, especially around the eyes, after taking it.

8.Why do a few individuals feel dizzy in the head and sore in the waist and legs after taking the product?
Chinese traditional medical practitioners say, "If the channels are free for passage, there will be no pain; if there is pain, the body channels are blocked."The SANLIDA product has the effect of making the main and collateral channels of the body free for passage and facilitating blood circulation. If pain appears in certain parts of the body after SANLIDA is taken, that means the channels are not free and blood is silting up, thereby testifying to the fact that the ingredients of the medicine have been absorbed and are producing effect. It is necessary only to reduce the dosage by taking the medicine every other day. The symptoms of discomfort will disappear in a week. From the point of view of biochemistry, SANLIDA, having been taken, will produce an enzyme in certain parts of the body, such as joints, the waist, and legs. The organisms of most people can absorb this enzyme. So, there is no feeling of soreness and pain. On the contrary, if the enzyme is not absorbed, soreness in the waist and legs may be felt. This reaction, however, is entirely harmless.

9.Why is the efficacy very good during the initial stage of administration but becomes not so obvious with the passing of time?
This is because during the initial period of medicine administration the constituents of the medicine are absorbed quickly and the improvement of various functions of the organisms is quite apparent and perceptible, but some time later the effect will seem not to be so obvious because the absorption of the medicine constituents has entered into the leveling-off period, which is the stage of accumulation – a platform period- leading finally to the emergence of more prominent therapeutic effects, the comprehensive consolidation of the therapeutic effects and the complete, radical cure of the erectile dysfunction.

10.After taking SANLIDA for a few weeks I discovered unexpectedly that the symptom of my chronic diseases had ameliorated. Why?
A part of those people who are afflicted with prostatic diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, or cardiovascular diseases would find that the symptoms had made great improvement since he began to take SANLIDA. This phenomenon pertains to the normal effect of the product. SANLIDA is not just a herbal supplement to cure erectile dysfunction.


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