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Salubry Medication For Obesity

Salubry Medication For Obesity  by HK Sanlida

In the view of modern Western medicine, one of the causes of obesity is the ingestion of large quantities of cholesterol, starches and other high caloric foods. Effective control of a person’s weight, therefore, depends on reduction in the intake of cholesterol and regulation of consumption of high caloric foods.  As a matter of fact, however, cholesterol and suchlike substances, being important constituents of cells, are indispensable to a human being.

Those methods of weight reduction which consist in making a patient of obesity anorectic, or go on a subcaloric diet, excrete more feces, and engage in strenuous physical exercises, or eat only foods rich in proteins but containing no starch at all will undoubtedly cause damage to the normal functioning of the spleen and the stomach. If the spleen and the stomach have been disabled for work, the functioning of other internal organs connected with them (chiefly the kidneys) will also be impaired, with the consequence that the patient’s illness will become more serious day by day, his vitality will go into deficit and his constitution will be debilitated. The inevitable end is that he will look very haggard or continue to be obese, or rather puffy.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, obesity is caused by inadequacy of vitality, rampancy of what is called Yin evil and abatement in the functioning of internal organs (spleen and kidneys).  Chinese people often say “Fat people abound in dampness.”  What does dampness in the body mean?  It means something in blood and tissues brought about by excess of nutrition, and it is no less than “waste”, “garbage” or “rubbish” which has not been thrown out in good time.  Therefore, the treatment of obesity should begin with the dredging of “ditches”, which in this case are the channels and collaterals that form a network of passages in the human body through which vital energy circulates, so that the internal organs will be restored to proper functioning, and for this reason the treatment should in no case center on making efforts only to find ways of clearing away the adipose.

It is appropriate for all people worried by obesity, or puffiness, to take notice of a natural health-care product which is suitable for administration to every one of them.  The Salubry Tablet has been designed through research in a celebrated prescription which originated in the Imperial Court of the Qing Dynasty.  Great numbers of doses prepared according to the original prescription were proffered not only to successive Emperors and Empresses and members of the royal family but also to generals and officials of the Dynasty and were given high favor by them continually for many years without interruption.  The modern prescription is composed of 13 medicinals, among which are round cardamom, agalloch eaglewood, rhizome of Chinese atractylodes, dried tangerine peel, bark of official magnolia, hawthorn, unripe fruit of citron, banksia rose, etc.  Their purposes are to cure spleen and stomach debility,  make the network channels and collaterals free for passage, suppress evil forces in the body and foster the factors conducive to healthiness, clear away the overnight food wastes, resolve phlegm-stasis, propel what stagnates in the intestines and eradicate the feeling of a bloated stomach..  In other words, administration of this drug can promote digestion, absorption and transmission of food in the body, reinforce metabolism, dispose of superfluous adipose, strengthen vitality, increase people’s desire to eat, and make them healthier and stronger.

Contemporary medical experts of China have made a systematic study of the Salubry Tablets.  The result of the study shows that the prescription on which Salubry is based has no toxicity at all; that Salubry can perform the function of regulating the autonomic-nerve system, improve the leptomeninx microcirculation, and is slightly sedative in effect; and that Salubry can suppress vomiting, relieve the cramp of smooth muscles of intestines and bowels,protect the mucous membrane of the stomach, and resist invasion by bacteria.
The effects of the main herbal ingredients are given below respectively:
Rhizome of Chinese atractylodes:  Strengthening the spleen by drying dampness it is used chiefly for curing obstruction of spleen and stomach by dampness,and for removing the feeling of oppression in the stomach cavity and that of tastelessness in the mouth.
Round cardamom, banksia rose, and dried tangerine peel:  Regulating the flow of vital energy and soothing the “middle” (i.e. that portion of a person’s body cavity which is between the diaphragm and the level of the umbilicus), harmonizing the stomach and resolving dampness.   They are used chiefly for curing stuffiness and distension of the stomach cavity, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, accumulation of undigested food, or complete absence of the desire to eat.
Agalloch eaglewood:  It is used for firming up kidneys, warming the “middle”, drying the spleen so as to clear it of dampness, purging the stomach of heat, directing downward the perverse flow of vital energy, refreshing the viscera, and harmonizing whatever lacks harmony in the human body.
Bark of official magnolia, unripe fruit of citron, and hawthorn:  Resolving overnight food in the stomach, expelling stagnant phlegm and accumulated water;facilitating digestion, allaying pain, activating blood, resolving stasis, and reducing blood fat. They are used chiefly for clearing away wastes in the gastrointestinal tract; removing obstructions entailed by dampness; healing stomachaches, constipation with frequent abdominal aching, and the ailment of having loose feces which one can never excrete to the full;  removing internal obstructions to the  passage of phlegm and dampness; and curing the disease of having persistently-bloated stomach and abdomen.
Suitable for the following groups of people:
Those who are prone to motion sickness, i.e. people who are likely to feel dizzy on board vehicles
Those who have acute simple gastritis
Those who have been long ill and have no desire for food
Those who are weak in digestion
Those who may be obese or puffy and often feel tired and without strength
Those who may be counted as subhealthy and who hope to reinforce their metabolism

Long-term use of this product will bring warmth to the viscera and strengthen spleen and stomach in particular.  It can fortify the muscles and fill the body with vital energy.  And it can harmonize blood and blood vessels.  What is of prime importance in our case is that it will reduce the amount of fat in the body and replace it with vitality.
Method of administration:  1-2 caplets a time, 3 times a day, to be taken on the empty stomach for better effect.
Attention: In taking Salubry, a female who is pregnant should be a little careful.(how to stop obesity)

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