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How To Taste Beijing Roasted Duck Delicately?

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Epicures contend that roast duck is most palatable in three seasons, namely winter, spring and autumn. The reason is that the flesh of Beijing duck is full and tender during winter and spring. In the fall the sky is clear and seems higher as a result, the air is refreshing, and both the temperature and humidity are appropriate for making Beijing roast duck. What is more, duck are generally fat and stout at that time.

So, it is interesting to know the way how the Beijing duck be roasted and how to taste this"delicacy in the land under heaven".

roasting duck

Near the end of the Qing Dynasty, the method for roasting duck underwent a change. The hermetic oven was replaced by the pendent oven. In other words, roasting in a hermetic oven came to be combined with roasting over burning fire. The body of the duck was smeared with honey and then hung for roasting, so that not only the roasted duck would have the aroma imparted to it by the burning log, but the high temperature characteristic of the hermetic oven could also be attained.

With regard to details, it should be noted that before the duck is put in the oven its chest is to be filled with boiling water and the hole closed by being tied up with a piece of string. The boiling water is to be discharged only after the roasting process has come to an end. This seemingly trivial modification has several advantages. First, the duck will not lose water when being roasted. Second, the water will keep the chest of the duck swollen so that the skin will not shrink and will not become softened by the roasting, with the result that the duck skin will be thin and crisp and become the most delicious part of the roast duck. Having been roasted in this way, the duck will be golden and lustrous, its

roasted duck

surface will be crisp and fragrant, and its meat will be very tender with a peculiar flavor.

The fuel of the oven is hard wood taken from such trees as jujube (Chinese date), peach and pear, because such fuel burns with little smoke and emits fragrance, and the fire is not too vehement. Every Beijing duck will be slightly seared on the surface after being roasted for about 40 minutes, but its interior will remain soft and tender and the meat will be rich and full. Then, how are you going to help yourself to the Beijing roast duck? The procedure is simple. The Beijing roast duck will be brought to the table in a large plate after being cut into thin slices with a sharp knife. This dish will be accompanied by another dish full of baked pancakes and other accessories. You need only smear a pancake with

beiging roasted duck

the sweet sauce made of fermented flour and put some scallion and mashed garlic on it together with a slice of the roast duck and roll up the pancake. When you are eating the roll you will find that the taste is exquisite as is the sweet smell that accompanies it. A roast duck weighing 2 kilograms can yield more than 100 slices of meat of the shape and size of a leaf of clove, and the meat is crisp, tender and fragrant with a special flavor.
How can you count yourself as one who has been to Beijing if you have not eaten any  Beijing roast duck? Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity of tasting this "delicacy in the land under heaven"

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