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Chinese Diet Remedies for Chronic Bronchitis Treatment


Chronic bronchitis is among a group of lung diseases known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. Chronic bronchitis causes inflammation and irritation of the airways, the tubes in your lungs where air passes through. These airways are also called bronchial tubes, hence the name bronchitis. When the air tubes are inflamed and irritated, thick mucus begins to form in them. Over time, this mucus plugs up the airways of the lungs and makes breathing difficult.

Unlike acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis is irreversible and its path is one of frequent recurrences.

"Let food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." Food therapy is the foundation of Chinese medicine.For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has focused on food cures.

Here are some diet remedies for treating chronic bronchitis:

1.A simple method to eradicate chronic bronchitis


cucumbers for chronic bronchitis treatment

For one day at the beginning of the summer hot period, if you have chronic bronchitis, you should eat only sterilized raw cucumbers and boiled hen"s eggs. You must not add any salt to the cucumbers or eggs. Neither should you allow yourself to drink any water. When you are hungry, eat the boiled eggs; when you are thirsty, gnaw at a cucumber. Try to live in this way for one single day, and you will be spared the pain of chronic bronchitis for years.


5.A path to the banishment of chronic bronchitis

Jujube for chronic bronchitis

A man who has caught cold and developed cough may not pay enough attention to his illness so that he might get chronic bronchitis in the end. Then he might consult a doctor. The medicines that the doctor gives him might, however, bring him no great benefit. He may continue coughing with the production of a lot of sputum. What should he do? It is advisable that he eat a delicious dish of three dried Chinese fruits sweetened by rock candy. The three fruits are longan (popularly called guiyuan in China), jujube (Chinese date, popularly called hong zao in China) and Chinese hawthorn (popularly called shanzha in china). Of these three fruits, jujube is the most important.


As for the other two fruits, 500 grams of the meat of longan will suffice for one winter, and a rather insignificant quantity of hawthorn will suit the purpose here. These three dried fruits are stewed with an appropriate amount of rock candy until they form a gruel, which is to be preserved in a refrigerator. Administration starts around Christmas and continues for 81 days. The consumption of two spoonfuls a day will be the right way of administering the doses. It can be taken for granted that for the man concerned here coughing will not befall him even if he catches a cold later at any time. Neither will bronchitis, thanks to the sweet dish. The dried fruits are available at any large Chinese grocery.

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