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Diet Therapy and Home Remedies for Cough


Chinese people attach great importance to care of health and cure of disease in the processing and serving of foods, which is termed "diet therapy".Here are some  home remedies for coughing:

(1)For unproductive cough


Put about two beer bottles of water in a pan, make the water boil, add to it two spoonfuls of edible oil, preferably peanut oil, and two or three spoonfuls of white sugar. Beat thoroughly a hen's egg, mix it with the water, and heat the mixture until it boils. Drink a glass of this mixture reheated to a proper temperature in the morning and evening for three days on end. The cough will surely be cured.

(2)A delicacy which serves as a cure for cough



Pork stewed with chestnuts is a delicious dish, but it is also an effective cure for cough. Take 200 grams of clean pork and 200 grams of peeled chestnuts. Wash the meat with water, cut it into cubes, and cook it in a casserole with the chestnuts to make a soup. Add to it some salt and gourmet powder to improve its taste. This prescription, though unacademic, is very helpful to children and feeble old people who suffer from chronic bronchitis.

(3)Rock candy and Banana for curing cough


Diet Therapy For Cough

Take 5 grams of rock candy and 3 or 4 bananas, and put them in a bowl. Steam them in a covered pan for 15 minutes with gentle fire. The bananas so processed have high efficacy for curing cough.

(4)Cooked radishes for curing cough

Diet Therapy For Cough

Take a bunch of white radishes and cut a small portion of them into slices to be cooked each evening in pure water. When the radish is well-cooked, remove by means of a spoon or any other instrument the solid slices and particles. Leave the liquid in a bowl or large glass to cool for a while and drink it just before going to bed. Otherwise, you may take a large white radish (about 200 grams in weight), cut it into small pieces and cook it in pure water for 20 minutes with 20-30 grams of rock candy. Eat the hot radish together with the water, and your coughing is sure to stop within a quarter of an hour.

(5)Raw hen's eggs for getting rid of coughing


Home Remedies For Cough

Take two uncooked hen's eggs, two spoonfuls of honey, and one spoonful of refined sugar. Mix thoroughly the beaten eggs, the honey and the sugar. Dissolve this mixture by pouring boiling water on it. Eat the soup so concocted on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening. You will get rid of the obnoxious coughing in three days. This work may be done in another way. Get a fresh egg. Break the shell and put the yolk and the white in a small bowl. There is no need to beat the egg. Just add some sugar and a spoonful of vegetable oil. Place the bowl in a pan which contains enough water. Turn on the fire to steam the egg a few minutes,. Eat the egg so prepared when it is still very hot before going to bed. This refreshment, or dose, may be taken three or four times.

(6)Ginger and honey for curing persistent coughing

Home Remedies For Cough

Take 250 grams or thereabout of ginger and knock it into fragments. Wrap up the fragments in a piece of gauze to filter out the juice under pressure. Mix the juice with honey at the ratio of 1:1 by weight and heat the mixture to its boiling point. Then keep the product in a covered bowl to be administered each time by one spoonful in the morning and in the evening respectively. The result is considered generally to be marvelous.It is one of good home cough remedies.

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