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How To Eat Fruits And Time Of Eating Healthy ?

Healthy Fruits
There is such a parlance, namely"the fruit in morning is gold, from noon to 3:00 p.m. is silver, 3-6:00 is copper, after 6:00 then lead". Eat fruit in the morning, can help to digest absorption, benefit relax bowel; and the sour sweet taste of fruit can allow the person to feel absolute in pure spirit.Whereas, eat fruit before fallening asleep is disadvantageous to digest, particularly the fruit of high fiber content. To people with poor function of intestine and stomach it will damage the health. Melon of cool should even forbear to eat before fallening asleep.

The fruit itself contains enzyme, if you want to make enzyme produce different functions in the body, had better consider eating time, also need to according to the circumstance of each different individual himself to settle.Eating before meal is advantageous to stimulating appetite, eating after meal is advantageous to the digesingt and absorption of food.

When May has passed, there will be an increasing variety of fruits on the market. As fruits are palatable and nutritious, it may be taken for granted that everybody who looks at some fruits will have a relish for them. Yet the skill and ingenuity required for the proper selection of fruits must not be underestimated. For, just as there are people who are rash by nature and do everything in a hurry and, in contrast, people who are cautious by nature and do things slowly and deliberately, so fruits also fall into distinctive categories if we group them by their characteristics.

There are fruits which are cold or cool by nature, fruits which are tepid, or lukewarm, by nature and fruits which are level, flat, or moderate by nature. To
Healthy Fruits
decide which fruits are to be preferred in a given season requires some sophisticated know-how. The person has to make the choice as if he/she were looking for the unique seat in which he/she could sit---a seat that tallies with his/her ticket in serial number. In like manner, only a fruit so "located" can accord with the person's constitution and exert a "wonderful effect" on his/her health.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, fruits divide into three categories on the basis of their intrinsic characteristics and qualities. Please click to read article about "Characteristics and qualities of fruit according to Chinese science of health preservation"
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