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Healthy Fruits Type With Intrinsic Features


Now, let's categorize the fruits. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, fruits divide into three categories on the basis of their intrinsic characteristics and qualities. They are as follows:

Three categories of fruit intrinsic characteristics
The cold or cool category Fruits of this category include, as their common representatives, mandarin orange, any orange, water caltrop, banana, persimmon, watermelon, etc. (Those people need to eat fruits of the cold or cool category: whose internal fire easily flare up in tangible forms such as dry stool and concealed skin ulcers which the afflicted person is generally ashamed to mention or who suffer from loss of some body liquid and have such symptoms as toothache, tinnitus and unproductive cough)
The tepid category Fruits of this category include, as their common representatives, tangerine, jujube, chestnut, peach, apricot, litchi (a single seed surrounded by a sweet, edible, raisinlike pulp, enclosed in a rough brown, papery shell), longan (a fruit resembling litchi), grape, cherry, pomegranate, pineapple, etc. (Those people who show symptoms of feebleness such as loose bowels and slow pulse, all caused by cold factors, would do well to eat tepid fruits. If they suffer from insomnia, they need to eat more longan, litchi, walnuts, jujubes, etc. and refrain from eating fruits which are of the cold or cool category. )
The sweet and level category Fruits such as Plum, coconut, loquat, hawthorn, and apple are of this category. They are suitable for people of all constitution types. (Those people who suffer from indigestion or high blood pressure should eat more often such fruits as hawthorn, peach and orange.) Generally speaking, winter is the season in which it is appropriate to eat fruits of the tepid category, summer is the season in which fruits of the cold or cool category are suitable, and as for fruits of the sweet and level category they are appropriate during all four seasons of the year.


Healthy Fruits Type With Intrinsic Features

Coconuts are suitable for sportsmen because they can diminish inflammation and reduce swellings, promote blood circulation, and facilitate the cure of myotenositis and the recuperation from injuries and trauma.

Mangoes are suitable for white-collar females because they contain an abundant supply of carotene and a unique enzyme which can make the skin rich in elasticity and delay the appearance of wrinkles. Thus mangoes come pat to the need of young females who treasure beauty.

The kiwi fruit fits the requirements of old people and children, because its content of vitamins is double that of the orange. If old people and children eat this fruit very often they will have their immunity raised and infection of them with disease will become highly improbable.

Fruit Benifit Taboo
Pears With Intrinsic Features


Pears can produce saliva, slake thirst, resolve sputum and dispel internal fire; they can moisten the lungs to alleviate the internal feeling of hotness and lack of humidity. They augur well for those people who cough because of pulmonary heat, who have dry pharynx and sore throat, whose stool is dry, or who suffers from hypertension, hepatitis or even cirrhosis of the liver. Owing to their cold nature, pears are unsuitable for consumption by those people who have dyspepsia and by women who are deficient in blood following childbirth.
Watermelons With Intrinsic Features


Watermelons are universally praised as superb for driving away summer heat. They are cool, sweet and tasteful. Besides quieting a person by relieving him or her of thirst and heat, the watermelon can eliminate the swelling or pain of the chest, making it easier for the person to breathe. It can also cure pharyngitis, function as a help for diuresis, work as a cure for hematodiarrhoea, and neutralize the effect of alcoholism. Ingestion of too large a quantity of melon pulp at one time, because this may lead to indigestion or diarrhoea.
Persimmon With Intrinsic Features


Proper to eat after meal or eat in the evening There are a great deal of persimmon gum powder and red tan quality in the persimmon. In the morning,
with empty stomach to eat it, the stomach acid will act on it form clot, namely"stomach persimmon stone", seriously
influence digest function.


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