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Many people are now looking for help from traditional Chinese medicine. They are, for example, patients of chronic diseases which have been diagnosed as to be without any radical cure; patients whose diseases have been diagnosed to be extremely serious and who hope to find another way out in traditional Chinese medicine; patients who do not want to undergo surgical operations and wish to be subjected to some “conservative treatment”; and patients who are convalescing in hospital after surgical operation or after being hospitalized and who choose traditional Chinese medicine as auxiliary treatment.


This ebook is designed not only to make you get in the easiest way possible a concise and systematic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine but also to recommend to you ready-made traditional Chinese medicines which are easily available. On the basis of these ready-made Chinese medicines a number of health-care programs have been devised for your benefit. In these programs diseases are classified according to the nomenclature used in Western medicine so as to make the programs easier to consult for those people who are not acquainted with traditional Chinese medicine.

TCM Health-care Regulation Program for YOU:

Designed for readers from all over the world who are not acquainted with TCM.
Provides a fantastic reading experience with its artistic and appealing presentation.
Recommends to you easily available ready-made herbal supplements and Chinese medicines.
Worth superb academic value in the realm of traditional Chinese medicine.
Suitable for collection by common readers and reading by the medical professional people.

The program consists of two main elements:

Preservation of Health
Treatment and Regulation

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